Brewing 101: The Hario V60

Brewing 101: The Hario V60

Brewing 101: Hario V60 Dripper

For those of you who received one of our red Hario V60 drippers as a Kickstarter reward, you may be wondering how it works. Have no fear, your instructional brewing guide is here! We love the Hario because it’s simple to use and creates a flavorful cup of coffee in about 2 minutes.

What you’ll need:

• Hario V60 dripper (available for purchase on our website:
• Hario 02 paper filters (available for purchase on Amazon:
• Hot water kettle
• Kitchen scale
• Timer
• Burr grinder
• 20 grams of whole bean coffee
• 325 grams (11 oz.) of filtered water

Step 1: Bring 325 grams of filtered water to a boil (a little more than you’ll need for the pour over). Once finished boiling, let the water cool for 30-45 seconds.
Step 2: While the water is boiling, grind 20 grams of coffee on a medium-fine setting.
Tip: If you don’t have a grinder, take your whole bean coffee to a grocery store and grind it on the paper filter setting. The fresher the grind, the better the coffee will taste!
Step 3: Set the Hario dripper on your mug and then place a filter inside of it. Rinse the filter with hot water and then pour the water out. (This step will keep pesky grounds out of your coffee and prevent a papery aftertaste.)
Step 4: Pour the ground coffee into the filter, place your mug on the scale, and then tare the scale to 0 grams.
Step 5: Start timer and slowly pour 40 grams of water over the ground coffee in a circular motion, wetting all of the grounds. Let the coffee “bloom” for 15-20 seconds before you start pouring again. (This step releases the gases in the coffee caused by roasting, allowing the water to fully saturate the coffee and bring out all of the flavors in the beans.)
Step 6: Continue to slowly pour the water over the grounds until the scale reads 300 grams. Keep the water away from the outside edges of the filter by directing it to the middle of the cone. In all, the brewing process should take approximately 2 minutes.
Step 7: After the coffee has finished dripping through the Hario, compost the filter and grounds and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

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