It’s our birthday all month long; so let’s keep this party going!

Round 2. Last week I told you all about the fun and events that are going on this weekend in celebration of Lionheart’s birthday. But just in case you missed that blog post, tomorrow (11a-2p) Stumptown Coffee Roasters will be in the shop hosting our Cold Brew Single Origin Release Party and serving up the hot version via pour over of the single origin. Also I’m sipping on the Single Origin Cold Brew right now and it’s basically the bomb diggity, do people still say that? If not, I’m bringing it back.

We’ll also have Mariah Gurney performing LIVE music on Saturday from 3pm-5pm. You don’t want to miss her. She is pretty much equally as bomb diggity as the Single Origin Cold Brew… not sure if that one made sense, but you get the point 😉 If you want to find out more, check us out on social media @lionheartcoffee or you can read the full blog post here.

Moving on to next weekend (as much as I love Cold Brew and Mariah, I’m most excited for next weekend… Don’t tell anyone). Alright drum roll please! We’ll be having a pop up shop from Nineteen27 S’mores  both Saturday, May 14 (10a-4p) and Sunday, May 15 (11a-3p)!

Oh man. I wonder if being a groupie to a s’mores shop is a thing? If not, it should be. Okay, focus Tiffany, focus. So here is everything that you need to know about Nineteen27 S’mores.

Nineteen27 S’mores offers a variety of flavors for grahams, marshmallows, spreads & toppings for you to choose from. Their goal is to serve you a gourmet s’more like you’ve never had before, starting from the experience of roasting your s’more right in front of you, to the taste of the treat itself. It’s going to be a party in your mouth!

They also echo our heart for community, in their own words:

“We believe in putting a lot of love into our creations. That means using ingredients from local purveyors and making everything from scratch. No opportunity to create the best possible dessert is left behind.”

It’s owned and operated by James and Elise Kelly who truly have a sweet spot (pun totally intended) in their hearts for s’mores and the nostalgia of camping on summer nights as kids. The name came from the very first s’mores recipe ever recorded in a Girl Scouts handbook from… yep, 1927. So if you want your mind blown about s’mores, make sure that you stop by the shop next weekend!

We also have a super special birthday blend that Sterling Coffee Roasters created specifically for Lionheart’s very first birthday. It’s basically like eating chocolate covered strawberries in coffee form. Three of my most favorite things combined into one, could it get any better? We’re offering this on the manual brew bar and as whole beans for sale. I had it yesterday morning on Chemex and it was amazing!

So what are you waiting for? Come say hi to us at the shop! And don’t forget to check back next week for the following weekend’s events!

– Barista Tiffany

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