Live Again Interview Part 2

Live Again: Part II

On Friday, we shared the first part of an interview with Eric and Courtney Snyder, co-founders of Live Again, a community-centered suicide prevention nonprofit in Portland, OR. Here’s the second part of the interview:

Q. The holidays can often be a difficult time of year for people emotionally. What can we do to help family or friends who might be struggling?

A. Beautiful question. The holidays can be a beautiful time of coming together. The key to helping those who might be struggling is to be an observant and a caring listener. Often times our tendency is to cheer someone up, tell them others have it worse, or just assume that it will work itself it out or that they have others to count on. The key to showing you care is true empathy to their individual struggle. Take a moment to leave the crowd for a short walk or a cup of coffee one on one. Be honest and vulnerable and allow them to be the same. Assure them you will continue to be there for them.

Q. If a person is interested in receiving training from Live Again, who should they contact?

A. You contact us anytime at and you can read more about training at Early next year we will begin general open registration trainings as well as ones geared toward certain professions and interests. We would love to hear about your community and how we can best serve you!

Q. What is your favorite holiday movie?

A. We are perhaps a little partial to “It’s a Wonderful Life” from which Live Again derives its name. Beyond having timeless humor and great performances, the story at its core shows that each of our lives is so important and has an indelible impact on the community around us.

If you would like to have some holiday fun and learn more about Eric and Courtney’s vision, they will be leading an audience talk back after the December 18th musical performance of It’s a Wonderful Life at the Burnish Theatre in Portland. You can buy tickets through their website or the Portland’5 Centers for the Performing Arts. We’re so excited to partner with Live Again and look forward to working with them further in the future.

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