The Moment it all Clicked.

Most great ideas can be pinpointed to a distinct moment in time where minds collide and vision is born. That fleeting moment when the clouds part, the fog lifts, and the proverbial “ah-ha” is whispered [or in our case – enthusiastically screamed with jumping and hugs.] For the founders of Lionheart Coffee Company, the vision was born on a Friday night last winter. Gathered around a table, stuffed with kebabs and sipping on local wine, we silently gazed at a siphon coffee brewer, watching the water travel from the bottom chamber to the top.

Siphon Coffee Brewing

As the bubbling water saturated the freshly-roasted grounds, we looked at each other, hope gleaming in our eyes. For the last four hours, we had described our visions for a coffee shop. It was at that moment we realized we were describing our coffee shop.

As the night progressed [and more coffee and wine were imbibed,] we grew increasingly giddy—finishing each other’s sentences. Simple, ethically-sourced, hand-picked coffee. A robust  selection of brewing methods. Real, authentic community investment. Unique customer involvement and experience. It was that simple. It was that grand.


As friends and former-coworkers, we had separately dreamed of embarking on our own coffee ventures. Starting an artisan roaster. Buying a food cart and parking it around Beaverton. Separately, we didn’t have all the pieces. But, with our powers combined – magic.


After the flame was extinguished from beneath the siphon, the freshly brewed coffee trickled from the top chamber through the filter to the reservoir. All eyes fixed on the glass brewing device, we made a couple Breaking Bad jokes and got excited for the Ethopian Yirgacheffe.  A few minutes later, our mugs were full of steaming Ethopian Yirgacheffe. We lifted the coffee to our noses and inhaled. Summer berries. We looked at each other and smiled—this is what we wanted people to feel when they drank coffee. This is the experience everyone should have with friends. This is what we can bring to our community.

And that’s the moment when it all clicked for us.

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